of the Month

“I have gotten far more from volunteering at SCS
than SCS will ever get from me.”

– Ron Carr, Volunteer

Volunteer of the Month

“I have gotten far more from volunteering at SCS than SCS will ever get from me.”
– Ron Carr, Volunteer

SCS is blessed with many incredible volunteers. This year we will take time to recognize one outstanding volunteer per month. In May, all of the monthly honorees will be invited to a special breakfast where the
“Volunteer of the Year” will be named.

If you would like to nominate someone to be considered for “Volunteer of the Month”
please contact Dana Mitchell: dmitchell@sarasotachristian.org
Please note faculty/staff or coaches are not eligible.

Sandi Rosove

“It is a blessing to use my time and experience to help students at SCS and support their dedicated teachers. I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer here.”
– Sandi Rosove

Sandi Rosove began volunteering at SCS just over 1 year ago and she is already making a big impact. Mrs. Rosove has been helping students in Mrs. Ledford’s 6th grade classroom with their math and she says seeing the progress students make in their understanding is incredibly rewarding. The student’s appreciation for Mrs. Rosove is evident as well, they recently greeted Mrs. R. with a round of applause as she entered the classroom!


Pamm Behr

“SCS has a wonderful community and I have made wonderful friends.”
– Pamm Behr

In her five years volunteering at SCS Mrs. Behr has served in almost every area of our school. She has worked on the Development, Gala, and Auction committees. She has also been on the PTA board and is the current coordinator of the SCS Alumni committee. Mrs. Behr says making a difference and seeing the results of her service in the lives of so many children is the most rewarding part of volunteering.


Ron Carr

“Volunteering is priceless, it is a gift given freely. I have gotten far more from volunteering at SCS than SCS will ever get from me.”
– Ron Carr, Volunteer

Mr. Carr is not your typical volunteer, the former Riverview High School Principal and teacher has no children or grandchildren at SCS. He simply has a passion for educating young people. This is Mr. Carr’s 4th year doing exactly that at Sarasota Christian. During his time at SCS he has served in Mr. Fisk’s “Senior Capstone” class as well as alongside former student, Mrs. Donohue. Mr. Carr says that he has received more from volunteering at SCS than he will ever be able to give back.


Gretchen Bogacz

“Being able to be a part of the mission of SCS and supporting Christian academics is one of the most rewarding ways you can spend your time, and honor God.”
– Gretchen Bogacz

SCS has been extremely blessed by the dedication and service Mrs. Bogacz has given the school for the past 7 years. She has been a booster member for 4 years with 3 of those serving as the booster president. Gretchen has also been an impactful member of the PTA serving as the VP for 3 years. The highlight of her many years of service was seeing the dream of the SCS beach volleyball courts becoming a reality.


Jenny Mayer

“Being able to bless our amazing teachers and staff at school with parties, gifts, and goodies has brought me a lot of joy.”
– Jenny Mayer

Mrs. Mayer has been part of the SCS volunteer community since 2014. She is a member of the PTA Board and was the SCS PTA President for two years. She has also served as a room mom and Festival & Auction volunteer among other roles over the years. She considers the relationships formed while volunteering to be the most rewarding part of her experience. Mrs. Mayer says she has found a community that supports and encourages her in her personal relationship with the Lord.

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