of the Month

“I have gotten far more from volunteering at SCS
than SCS will ever get from me.”

– Ron Carr, Volunteer

Volunteer of the Month

“I have gotten far more from volunteering at SCS than SCS will ever get from me.”
– Ron Carr, Volunteer

SCS is blessed with many incredible volunteers. This year we will take time to recognize one outstanding volunteer per month. In May, all of the monthly honorees will be invited to a special breakfast where the
“Volunteer of the Year” will be named.

If you would like to nominate someone to be considered for “Volunteer of the Month”
please contact Kelsey Curtis: kcurtis@sarasotachristian.org

Please note faculty/staff or coaches are not eligible.

Scott Paetsch

“Everyone should definitely volunteer. It is a great experience for you and your child”.

-Scott Paetsch

If you have been around campus in the last 12 years, you may have bumped into Scott Paetsch. He has served on the PTO, volunteered as a bus driver, chaperoned field trips, assisted with the chalk festival and with Ms. Shine’s food delivery. He has made it a point to be invested in Sarasota Christian School ever since his oldest entered kindergarten.

Mr. Paetsch’s favorite memories volunteering are kayaking with his oldest on an 8th grade field trip and going to Busch Gardens with his son and the 7th grade class.

Thank you Scott for your willingness to serve! 


Jen Mast

“A fun benefit of volunteering has been witnessing my boys surprised happy faces and enjoying a quick hug as they pass by when I see them unexpectedly on campus.”

-Jen Mast

Over the past three years you would most likely find Jen Mast at SCS either making thousands of copies for our teachers or helping out as Mrs. Kovacs’ room parent. Mrs. Mast finds taking the stress of daily tasks off the teachers extremely rewarding and would encourage others to do the same.

Performing act of service is not new to Jen. She first witnessed her mother serving as a volunteer while she was in school, which led her to do the same for her boys.

Thank you Mrs. Mast for your servant’s heart and willingness to bless our teachers in any way here at SCS!


Tony Hicks

“Volunteering at SCS allows you to meet other families and build friendships that could last a lifetime.”

-Tony Hicks                                                      

Tony Hicks began serving at SCS two years ago during the hurricane Ian clean-up on campus. Since then, he has volunteered with concessions at home games, stepped up to lead the SCS chapter of All Pro Dads, and most recently served on the Festival and Auction committee. This year Mr. Hicks was instrumental in obtaining auction item donations. He also helped line up participants for our pie contest and even secured most of the pie judging panel! The most rewarding aspect of service for Tony is being able to use his God given gifts and abilities. 

Thank you Tony Hicks for your dedication to the SCS community! We are very grateful for your time and efforts.


Sugar Down

“The most rewarding aspect of service is feeling that you’re contributing to the academic life of your child while catching a glimpse of their life outside the home.”

-Sugar Down                                                       

Mrs. Down began volunteering at Sarasota Christian 7 years ago, and would encourage anyone who is interested to pursue it! In her words, “It’s a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the SCS family while also getting to meet new parents.”

Her favorite memory of volunteering was during the annual Elementary Blazer Olympics. “It was our first year at the school, and I had the honor of meeting new parents as I watched my daughter shine. She was having so much fun with her new friends. Meanwhile, everyone was working together to make the event possible.” If you would like to be a part of the Blazer Olympics this school year, save the date of March 1st, 2024. Stay tuned for more information!

Thank you Mrs. Down for your dedication to our community! We are very grateful for you.


Wanda Yoder

“Mrs. Yoder believes that most rewarding aspect of service is interacting with the students. She states, “I love seeing their excitement and joy! It’s also rewarding knowing that I’m supporting a community that gives my kids a Christ centered education”

-Wanda Yoder                                                     

Wanda Yoder began serving four years ago as a room mom. Four months ago she was elected the Head of the Sarasota Christian Fine Arts Guild, and just one month ago she began her term on the SCS Board of Directors. Needless to say, she is very connected and appreciated at SCS. 

Mrs. Yoder‘s favorite time of year to volunteer is during our annual Chalk Festival. “I absolutely love walking around seeing hundreds of kids pouring out their artistic expression all over the campus sidewalks. It’s a day full of color, chatter, determination, hard work, and beautiful art. It’s a day that always brings me so much joy!” If you would like to be a part of the Chalk Festival this school year, it is scheduled for February 23, 2024. More information will be coming soon.

Thank you Mrs. Yoder for your dedication to the SCS community! We are very grateful for you.


Titus Yoder

“I would encourage anyone who has an interest in helping children to volunteer when the opportunity presents itself.”                                                             

-Titus Yoder

Titus Yoder is our first volunteer of the month for the new school year! He has been volunteering at SCS for over 16 years and served on the corporate board in 2003. He enjoys helping to get things ready for events and the satisfaction of a job well done but the most rewarding part of his volunteerism is helping his wife, our beloved Director of Housekeeping, Beulah Yoder. Titus‘ favorite memory at SCS was participating in laying the blocks for the new elementary building. He encourages others to volunteer anytime the opportunity presents itself. Thank you Titus for your dedication to the SCS community!

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