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Learning Support

“SCS gives my child the support
she needs to thrive in the classroom.”
 – SCS Parent

Welcome to B.L.A.Z.E. Support Services

Building Learners with an
Academic Zeal for Excellence

We invite our families and students to partner together with our teachers to help them achieve academic success aligned with their ability. Sarasota Christian School’s Learning Support offers services to help students improve their academic performance. Fees may apply.

The support services are as follows:

Support Services for Students K to 5th Grade

  • Parents, teachers and administrators work together to provide support according to each child’s needs. Participation in some learning support options are dependent upon on availability.
  • In-class provision of IEP/504 accommodations
  • Small group or individual assistance with an educational assistant
  • After school tutoring by an SCS teacher (additional fee)

  • Availability of a speech-language therapist for on-campus services (contracts independently with families and Sarasota County Schools)

Support Services for Middle School Students (MATH only)

  • A certified math teacher will meet with students 2-3 times weekly to work with students in a small group, as determined by teacher recommendation, course grades, testing data and the Director of Support Services
  • Support Services will work with the classroom teacher to assist students, which may include reteaching of material and presentation of the material in another way that may be better suited to the student’s learning style and needs
  • Support Services will make sure IEP/504 accommodations are being implemented in the classroom
  • The length of time that a student will remain in the program will be determined by the classroom teacher, Support Services Teacher, and the Director of Support Services
  • Quarterly progress report detailing progress in the B.L.A.Z.E. program
*Admission to Support Services is based on space availability and is subject to change based on new or updated data. At this time our program is at capacity.

Individualized Subject Area Tutoring

Faculty members who are not the student’s teacher are available for hire for individual subject area tutoring.

Mrs. Jennifer Paul

Director of Support Services

Mrs. Paul is a Florida licensed and ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) certified Speech-Language Pathologist with 27 years experience. Prior to joining Sarasota Christian, Mrs. Paul worked in the public school system for 19 years, including over a decade of that time as a county-wide Speech-Language Pathologist based in the district office. Mrs. Paul comes to us with extensive knowledge of not only state and federal laws impacting student rights, but also with vast experience in the tests needed to provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations. She holds her Masters Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Indiana University.

In addition to being the Director of Support Services, Mrs. Paul serves as part of the team that reviews students evaluations (e.g. Individual Education Plans, Section 504 plans, private psychoeducational evaluations, etc.) to determine our ability to provide the documented accommodations. She also works school-wide with students, parents, and faculty to help ensure that the accommodations are being met within the classroom.

Notice to parents enrolling students under the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities (FES-UA) formerly known as the Gardiner and McKay scholarships:
  • Students and parents who are eligible to receive the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities will be required to provide a current copy of the student’s IEP, 504, Service Plan or private psychoeducational evaluation at the time of application.
  • Students seeking a private school education that are recipients of the FES-UA Scholarship are considered “parentally placed private school children with disabilities.”
  • “Parentally placed private school children with disabilities” do not have the same individual rights to special education and the related services that students are entitled to receive if enrolled in a public school under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) evaluation.
  • SCS can accept students whose educational needs can be met by the school.
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