A Word from Mr. Mudrow

A Word from Mr. Mudrow

Dear SCS Community,

When I officially began my role as Head of School for Sarasota Christian just a year ago, I thought I knew exactly what the first 12 months would look like. I would be joining a long-established, well respected, academically focused, Christian community comprised of faith-filled faculty and families. A school that was growing and poised to be THE top choice for Christian education in our area. I could just SEE the possibilities! However, only God could truly see what this year would bring.

I anticipated SCS would have a community feel, as most gatherings of believers do. God showed me a family. From Smack's spirit night (with delicious Mudrow's Mud), to home games, to thousands of parent volunteer hours, to the first ever Gobble-fest and more, you,- our families - showed up in force, as only a family would.

I anticipated SCS would have amazing students. God showed me a student body who sought God first. I was inspired by students’ worship in chapel, by their service to the community and by their dedication to God. I was encouraged by our youngest students scripture memorization and prayers and by our oldest students leading in Christian service and faith. I was motivated by hard-won academic achievements by students who were truly working, "as if for the Lord".

I anticipated an SCS faculty and staff who were well educated and capable. God showed me His hands and feet. As teachers infused biblical principals into daily lessons and shared their faith freely, they influenced students lives for eternity. As staff members worked tirelessly to support the efforts of Sarasota Christian School in our community, they impacted the kingdom.

I could never have anticipated the abrupt shift our school year would take as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. I also could not have anticipated how incredibly well our SCS family would deal with it. Teachers became tech experts overnight. Parents partnered in their children's education like never before. SCS opened "remote learning campuses" in hundreds of homes in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. In less than 2 months, SCS, in the words of one of our parents, “excelled and far exceeded any other educational institution in our area".

As I reflect on the 2019-20 school year, I think all would agree it has been a year of surprises. I know the future will be no different and I am so excited about what is to come. Below you will find a link to a presentation on the "Five Year Strategic Plan for SCS". I invite you to watch it. I anticipate the next five years will be remarkable at Sarasota Christian School.

I cannot wait to see what God will show us!


Jeff Mudrow
Head of School

SCS Strategic Plan

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