Our Team

“I love that I work with other believers.”
– a current SCS faculty member

Our Team

“I love that I work with other believers.”
– a current SCS faculty member

Board of Directors

The Sarasota Christian School Board of Directors is made up of representatives from several area churches. They are charged with ensuring that SCS maintains Christ-centered academic excellence. The board carries out this duty through long-range and strategic planning, and policy decisions. These dedicated men and women give tirelessly of their time, talents, and personal resources. They are committed to making sure each child’s experience at SCS honors God while being challenging and rewarding.
We are grateful for their service and leadership.

 To contact the Board directly email them at scsboard@sarasotachristian.org.

Mitch Helmuth

Board Chair

Nate Reeves

Board Treasurer

Steve Lane

Board Secretary

Damarys Brock

Board Vice Chair

Nate Beachy

Board Member

Jeanie Kauffman

Board Member

Darrin Loftus

Board Member

Eric Mayer

Board Member

Lynn Miller

Board Member

Scott Mullet

Board Member

Wanda Yoder

Board Member

Faculty & Staff

At SCS, our faculty and staff inspire, mentor and guide our students toward success.

Joseph Stokes

Head of School and HS Principal

Toth, Jim

Elementary School Principal, Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Martell, Mark

Middle School Principal

Able, Audrey

HS Cheerleading

Agate, Chelsea

ES/MS Art Teacher

Williams, Mary Lynn

P.E. Teacher

Alberts, Amy

HS English Teacher

Allen, Kylee

MS Science Teacher, HS Girls Basketball

Allison, Hank

Bible Teacher, MS Boys Soccer

Bruinsma, Kevin

HS V Basketball

Beiler, Debby

Pre-K Teacher

Bocock, Tyler

MS/HS Business/P.E. Teacher

BySura, Rachel

MS Science Teacher

Cooney, Joni

MS ELA Teacher, MS Cross Country

Dean, Robin

MS ELA Teacher, MS Girls Basketball

Allen, Jon


Byerly, Allison

Elementary School Admin. Assistant/Registrar

Casey, Ludy

Media Center Assistant

Curtis, Kelsey

Event Coordinator

Ford, Laure

Finance Account Manager

Getchell, Mackenzie

Educational Assistant

Delaney, Heather

HS History Teacher

Esquivel, Martin

HS Government/Econ Teacher

Head, David

HS AP English Teacher

Grimaldi, Mary

Support Services

Hedgcock, Susan

College/Career Advisor and HS English Teacher

Jordan, Joshua

HS V Volleyball

Jordan, Nicole

HS Beach Volleyball

Ledford, Keith

HS Girls Soccer

Livingston, Faith

MS English Teacher


Knispel, Stephanie

Strength and Conditioning, Beach Volleyball

LeClair, Daniel

MS Computer Essentials, HS Math and Computer Science

Hudson, Emma

Front Desk

Hylton, Kathy

Executive Assistant for the Capital Campaign

Niles-Labady, Shalini

HS Math Teacher

Jackson, Tara

Pre-K Assistant

Canzoneri, Breanne

Kindergarten Teacher

Lawrence, Dean

School Resource Officer

Miller, B.J.

Admin. Assistant to the Athletic Director

Kovacs, Zsuzsanna

Kindergarten Teacher

Nielsen, Lisa

Kindergarten Teacher, After Care Coordinator

Morgan, Katherine

1st Grade Teacher


Wilbanks, Nancy

1st Grade Teacher

Yoder, Elizabeth

1st Grade Teacher

Beckler, Ashley

2nd Grade Teacher

Melchiorre, Debbie

2nd Grade Teacher

Poznanski, Jenn

2nd Grade Teacher

O’Bryan, Chelsea

3rd Grade Teacher

Pettibone, Andrea

3rd Grade Teacher

Thoresen, Cassie

3rd Grade Teacher

Getchell, Michelle

4th Grade Teacher

Kinsch, Rachael

4th Grade Teacher

Dennen, Kathryn

5th Grade Teacher

Black, Natasha

5th Grade Teacher

Boehm, Katherine

5th Grade Teacher

Bryan, Sarah

MS Social Studies Teacher

Ledford, Kathryn

MS Teacher

Simon, Jonay

MS Math Teacher

Morehart, Justine


Salcedo, Alex

Music/P.E. Teacher, Cross Country

Mullett, Randy

MS Baseball

Otto, Greta

HS Science Teacher


HS Spanish Teacher

Sorensen, Kayla

MS Bible Teacher, MS Volleyball

Park, Judi

Director of Marketing and Communication

Paul, Jennifer

Director of Support Services

Polen, Kathryn

Support Services

Rogers, Charla

Admissions Manager

Rowland, Shelli

Assistant to the Director of Development

Schiffer, Kimberly

Executive Assistant to the Head of School/Human Resources Liaison

Scholl, Justin

Chief Financial Officer, HS Softball Coach

Sienko, Scott

HS JV Basketball

Serenti, Martha

Food Services Assistant

Shine, Bonnie

Lunch Coordinator

Slattery, Stacy

Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students

Slone, Esther

Admissions Assistant Manager

Spenn, Jacob

Athletic Director, HS Football

Smiechowski, Shannon

Educational Assistant

Smith, Paul

Dean of Students, HS JV Volleyball

Spenn, Bethany

MS Girls Soccer

Tucker, John

Director of Technology, HS Baseball Head Coach

Tedder, Michael

HS Math Teacher, MS Football, MS Basketball, HS/MS Tennis

White, Debbie

HS Science Teacher

Whitehead, Rebecca

Communication Assistant

Wilbanks, Tim


Wright, Christine


Yoder, Beulah

Director of Housekeeping
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