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Igniting Minds. Infusing Faith

Those who remember Sarasota Christian School in their wills, bequests and other estate gifts such as life insurance, annuities, remainder trusts, etc., become members of the 1958 Society and are vital to preserving the future of Sarasota Christian School.

The 1958 Society members have indicated in writing that they have made provisions for Sarasota Christian School in their estate plans. In addition to being a meaningful gift, “planned giving” helps to reduce or eliminate taxes on capital gains and federal estate taxes. Please check with your financial planner or accountant for more details on arranging for a planned gift, and the personal benefits associated with that charitable gift.

If you have made arrangements for a gift to SCS in your estate planning and wish to be listed as a member of the 1958 Society, please contact the Development Office at (941) 371-6481 ext. 260 or email