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Igniting Minds. Infusing Faith

Equipping Future Generations

Children spend the majority of their waking hours involved in school and school-related activities each week. Therefore, we are grateful as a Christian school to be able to share and instill the Word of God as students navigate the most influential years of their lives.  

At SCS, students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in a variety of programs, including ministry.  Students have developed a high school ministry team, worship bands, and prayer groups. It’s inspiring to watch our students grow in their faith, minister to each other and commit their lives to Christ. SCS’s commitment to Christ goes beyond the classroom.  Students are actively engaged in service and mission opportunities such as an annual middle school mission trip to Miami, a high school community service day and partnerships with schools around the world.

The quality and integrity of the spiritual life of a Christian school is paramount to producing a safe environment where students and faculty can mutually encourage one another as they seek the Lord's will from day to day. Sarasota Christian School desires to equip the mind, body, and spirit of each student enrolled through the following:

  • Curriculum: Teachers integrate faith and Biblical teachings into the written and spoken curriculum.
  • Chapel: Chapels provide time for student leadership, guest speakers, messages from area pastors, worship, prayer and small group community and character building.
  • Bible Classes: SCS offers students Bible study in an academic setting as a place to learn and ask questions about Christianity. The ultimate goal of our Bible curriculum is to develop followers of Jesus Christ who enjoy a personal relationship with Him.
  • Devotions: Each morning all classes will begin with classroom prayer and Biblical devotions.
  • High School Retreat: Each year grades 9-12 join together in a two-day retreat for recreation and worship. A spiritual leader is invited to provide spiritual input and leadership for the weekend. The retreat gives opportunity for students and teachers to get to know each other in an informal environment, and to minister to the spiritual needs of the high school community. Attendance at the retreat is mandatory. However, if there is a compelling reason that a student cannot attend the retreat, the student is allowed to miss the retreat with prior principal approval but still required to attend school.
  • Missions Opportunities: Domestic mission experiences provide students with the potential to change the world while also being personally changed. The Great Commission was Jesus' last command and, therefore, should be our first concern. Using the model of Acts 1:8, we offer SCS students experiences locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Small Groups: These offer an intentional way for students to establish community through creating a sense of belonging, valuing differences, and working together. This process provides a peaceable environment for students to come together to hear and be heard as they cooperatively develop life-long learning and behavioral skills.
  • Student-Led Bible Studies: One of the many exciting aspects of the spiritual life of our campus is seeing students’ lives changed through student leadership.
  • Adult Prayer Groups: Our spiritual life is also enhanced through supportive groups, such as local representatives of the national organization "Moms in Prayer." This group encourages mothers to meet and pray for the administration, faculty, staff, and students of Sarasota Christian School. SCS employees also meet together weekly to worship through faculty/staff led worship times.