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Igniting Minds. Infusing Faith

Competitive Athletics

Sarasota Christian School’s philosophy is that athletics are a microcosm of life, and therefore, sports play an integral part in accomplishing the overall mission statement of the school.  Our approach is very simple.  We adhere to two principles.  The first is to build faith and character in each athlete.  Secondarily, we help each athlete and team become the best they can be.   We believe this is best accomplished by helping the athlete remove obstacles that prevent them from maximizing their success.

Competitive athletics begin in 6th grade and continue through 12th grade.  Sarasota Christian is a member of the FHSAA (Florida High School Athletic Association) and competes in class 3A.  SCS frequently ranks in the top of its class and has won the FHSAA Floyd E. Lay Sunshine Cup multiple years.

Middle & High School Sports

BOYS'                                               GIRLS'

Baseball                                                    Basketball
Basketball                                                Cheerleading
Cross Country                                         Cross Country
Golf                                                            Golf
Soccer                                                       Soccer
Swimming                                                Softball
Tennis                                                       Swimming
Track & Field                                            Tennis
                                                                    Track & Field


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Our Athletic Director, Kevin Landrum, is happy to answer any questions you may have about our athletic program.  He can be reached at or 941-371-6481, ext. 219.