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Igniting Minds. Infusing Faith

Middle School Academics

Sarasota Christian School’s Middle School program provides a caring environment to nurture young adolescents through these formative years. The entire program encourages character development and focuses on biblical principles for building life relationships.

In the Middle School at SCS, our goal is to provide a safe place where we can partner with parents to help guide students through this challenging time of life. We want students to successfully transition from the dependence of Middle School to the independence of High School, and Middle School faculty will place emphasis on personal responsibility to help students achieve this goal.

The Middle School curriculum reinforces the basics of the elementary program and prepares students for the rigors of High School academics. Math, science, English, social studies, physical education and Bible are taught at each level. Advanced courses in math and Spanish are also offered. Students are required to participate in music through 8th grade, and additional Middle School encore classes include art, business, and technology.

At SCS, we use technology as an accelerator of learning. All students in grades 6-8 participate in a “bring-your-own-device” program. This program uses digital curriculum materials, student collaboration tools, and individualized instruction in all subject areas with the goal of enhancing student learning.

In addition to academic preparation, students have ample opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities through a variety of sports, extra-curricular and leadership opportunities such as Odyssey of the Mind, Middle School athletic teams, and student government. Our Middle School program is complemented by overnight field trips to Miami to serve in various community agencies (7th grade) and to St. Augustine to study colonial America (8th grade).