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High School Academics

High School represents the culmination of all that Sarasota Christian School offers in educational excellence and college preparation.  The high school curriculum cultivates a love of learning, challenges students to fulfill their academic potential, equips them to achieve their college goals, and prepares them to be disciples of Christ and Godly citizens.

In addition to core subjects, our students attend chapel, take four one-semester Bible courses, complete 150 hours of community service, and have the opportunity to choose from a variety of electives such as website design, digital photography, and entrepreneurship and personal finance.  Our on-site dual enrollment classes offer high school students the ability to get a head start on a college education prior to high school graduation and earn up to 45 college credit hours.  This program provides families with cost savings for college tuition and decreases the time it takes students to earn a degree, while keeping them in small classes and a Christian environment.

High School Curriculum Guide

Summer Reading English IH and II H

Summer Reading English I, II, III, IV

Annotation Guide