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Igniting Minds. Infusing Faith

As citizens of God’s kingdom that knows no borders, and as followers of Christ who taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves, Sarasota Christian School launched partnerships in 2012 with 13 different international educational institutions.  Through curricular emphases and regular interchanges, the program increases students’ knowledge of world cultures and people groups, builds international relationships and helps gather funds to support these schools in various countries around the globe.  We are committed to helping our students learn about and from their peers around the world.

SCS was honored for our efforts in global awareness and received the prestigious One World Award by the Sarasota Sister Cities Association.  After the mayor’s selection committee conducted interviews and a thorough review of SCS programs, they commended our global curriculum initiatives and commitment to offering education to international school partners.  Sarasota Sister Cities noted that our curricula reflects the mission of the international Sister City program, which seeks to foster international relationships by creating exchanges that will promote understanding and peace.  SCS is the first and only school in Sarasota County to receive the One World Award for recognition in promoting international knowledge and relationships.