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Igniting Minds. Infusing Faith

College Planning

Becoming more equipped through education in one’s interest area is important for much more than the promise of greater financial returns. From the view of Sarasota Christian School, our graduates are encouraged to consider how to most effectively use their God given gifts for service to the world. This may involve volunteer service, missions, being a stay at home parent, finding the cure for cancer using one’s advanced degrees, or leading a self-employed business. SCS believes that God calls us to life long learning and stewardship of the opportunities provided us. For most students, this will involve humbly pursuing higher education to better develop their potential as God’s ambassador in the many possible positions they will hold in life. Sarasota Christian School encourages education after high school because we believe such has the greatest potential to help further equip and aid in the discernment process of how best to live out our students’ God given strengths most effectively in service to the world.

The road to college acceptance begins with a foundation of strong academic history.  SCS equips all high school students to further understand their interest areas as illustrated through yearly-standardized test results.  The Junior College Prep class provides a semester long concentration on college planning and SAT and ACT preparation.  Senior Capstone class and the guidance team provide assistance in the final college acceptance process.

Parents are vitally important in planning for further education and help encourage excellence throughout the student’s academic career. The resource pages listed in the left sidebar are for both students and parents alike to intentionally prepare and choose the higher education plan that’s right for you.