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A.C.E. Program

Sarasota Christian School offers an accelerated college preparatory program that provides higher-level academic opportunities in honor, advanced placement and college courses for qualified SCS high school students.

Sarasota Christian's ACE Program is similar to IB-type programs offered at other schools, however SCS students must maintain a full grade point average higher than other programs (3.75 GPA versus 2.75), demonstrate Christ-like character and show evidence of leadership qualities and service.  Students must apply to be accepted in the program and exhibit ongoing excellence in academics, leadership and character to remain eligible in this select program.

When students graduate from this accelerated track they will receive the coveted ACE Award and special recognition at graduation.  Students entering into 9th grade are also eligible for an academic scholarship ranging from $500-$1000.

Eligibility Requirements

Students entering SCS in their ninth grade year may apply to enter the program only if they have maintained a 3.75 un-weighted GPA or better during 7th and 8th grade. In addition, they must have completed Algebra 1 as a high school credit.

Students transferring from other schools to SCS as sophomores may also apply for entrance into the ACE program. The transcript must show an accelerated course of study comparable to the ACE program. (Honors, IB or AP courses, etc.). They must have completed Algebra 1 and Geometry Honors.

Program Expectations

Once accepted into the ACE program, the student will not only be expected to continue achieving excellent grades, but will also be expected to demonstrate Christ-like character and leadership qualities that will provide a good role model for other students.  In addition, teachers will evaluate student’s progress each semester to ensure students continue to meet the academic, behavioral and character qualities expected.  Infractions to school rules and/or program expectations could result in removal from the program.  ACE program students must take the courses outlined Program of Studies and maintain a 3.75 un-weighted GPA or higher.  If a student falls below a 3.75 un-weighted GPA, he will have one semester on probation to acquire the needed GPA to continue in the ACE program and still be eligible for the ACE Award.  This exception will only be allowed one time.

Application Process

See the ACE Application for details on documents required with application.  Acceptance to the ACE Program is limited, so we encourage students to submit applications early.  Students will be notified if they have been accepted into the program within approximately three weeks of submitting their application.  Freshman academic scholarships are also limited.  Students who submit an application by Februrary 20th will be notified by February 28th if they are awarded a scholarship.  Applications submitted after February 20th are still eligible for a scholarship, however the number of scholarships available will depend on how many were awarded from the February 20th deadline.  Therefore we encourage students to apply by February 20th.  Applications should be submitted to Director of Guidance.

ACE Program Application Packet